MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH 2017 7.30-10.00PM

WITH Jodey collorick

WITHIN the Platonic cosmos, the Daemons are mediators between gods and humans, communicating their messages through dreams, inspiration, oracles and omens. Can astrology be included as a mouthpiece for Daemons?

MONDAY, JUNE 5TH 2017 7.30-10.00PM

Horary: modes of perfection

PERFECTION IS at the very heart of horary astrology, focusing on the dynamic play of the planets and revealing the movement of events through rich and poetic symbolism. This evening's forum will be looking at the working technicalities of horary with an introduction to perfection and denial of perfection.

JODEY COLLORICK, is a founding member of Bath Astrologers’ Forum. He has been practising astrology since the early 1990s. He originally studied with The Company of Astrologers in London and has a particular interest in horary and divinatory astrology. He combines his astrological practice with teaching astrology and a busy family life in the Cotswolds

MONDAY, MAY 1ST 2017 7.30-10.00PM

Historical origins and interpretation in astrological practice


THE PLANETARY EXALTATIONS  A are a key component of essential dignity in the astrological tradition, but the origin of these are obscure and suggest they actually developed out of a much older tradition separate to that of the rulership scheme. This talk will be part exploration of that history as well as a
broad introduction to the individual meaning of the exaltations and how to interpret them in astrological practice.

MONDAY, APRIL 3RD 2017 7.30-10.00PM



THE SEVEN pillars over which Wisdom presides can be interpreted astrologically as the seven traditional planetary spheres of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury. In Horary Astrology, where the astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing a chart for the time the question is received and understood, knowledge of the traditional planetary rulerships and correspondences are key to identifying the correct significators in the question.
Looking at a selection of horary charts from William Lilly's time until the present day, we will discover how the natural correspondences and rulerships of the seven traditional planets can add poetry and perspective to an astrological judgement, and sometimes even provide the answer to the question all by themselves!

MONDAY, MARCH 6TH 2017 7.30-10.00PM

The History & Philosophy of Western Horoscopic Astrology:



With Andrew Brown

THIS TALK continues our series of talks which aim
to explore the history & philosophy of Western horoscopic astrology – from its Babylonian beginnings through to modern psychological astrology. 
As we cross the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, ancient traditions are being studied with renewed respect. Continuing our series on the philosophical foundations of astrology, tonight’s presentation explores the ‘music’ heard by that legendary sage Pythagoras: the harmonies made by the planets in their courses. We will see how mystical attunement to the cosmos can be traced back to some of the earliest temples, dating from the Age of Leo, and through successive ages of cultural evolution. The timeless wisdom of Solomon’s Temple is manifest in ways often overlooked by contemporary culture; important manifestations are to be found here in Bath and we will briefly examine one instance that can be seen from Chrissy’s penthouse!


With Jill Shearer and Jodey Collorick

VENUS is the planet traditionally associated with the principle of relationship, our potential for closeness and intimacy and the way in which we relate to our fellow men. With the current prominence of this brightest of stars in our evening skies, we thought we would look at the ways in which Venus manifests through each of the signs of the zodiac. During the second half of the evening, we plan to look at some topical astrological charts.

MONDAY, JANUARY 2ND 2017 7.30-10.00PM

The History & Philosophy of Western Horoscopic Astrology:

With Jodey Collorick

THIS TALK continues our series of talks which aim
to explore the history & philosophy of Western horoscopic astrology – from its Babylonian beginnings through to modern psychological astrology. In his first talk, Bath Astrologers' Forum founder Jodey Collorick emphasised the notion of the embodied soul as a founding principle in horoscopic astrology; Part 2 will explore the conceptual foundations of the Houses in relation to the soul, from their roots in Ancient Egyptian cosmology onwards. During the second half of the evening, we plan to look at some topical astrological charts.


The History & Philosophy of Western Horoscopic Astrology:

With Richard Swatton MA, Dip Couns Psych, GCLCM, Dip Psych Astrol

IN THE second in our series of talks which aim
to explore the history & philosophy of Western horoscopic astrology – from its Babylonian beginnings through to modern psychological astrology – psychotherapist and astrologer Richard Swatton will explore a brief history of the different systems of interpretation that have blossomed throughout the 20th Century.

Richard trained in the early 1990s at the Centre for Psychological Astrology and is now on the staff of the London School of Astrology, teaching at both Certificate and Diploma level. Co-founder of The City Psychotherapy Service in London, he is now based in Bristol where he runs a private practice in both psychotherapy and astrology.


The History & Philosophy of Western Horoscopic Astrology:

With Jodey Collorick

IN THIS, the first in a series of talks which aim
to explore the history & philosophy of Western horoscopic astrology – from its Babylonian beginnings through to modern psychological astrology – Founder member of Bath Astrologers' Forum, Jodey Collorick will consider the nature of the embodied soul as it
was conceived within the early foundations of horoscopic astrology.



With Jodey Collorick & Jill Shearer

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th 7.30-10.00PM


With Cat Cox

MONDAY, JUN 6th 7.30-10.00PM



A DIVINATORY understanding liberates us from inadequate and literalist models of astrology, and liberates our clients (and ourselves) from false determinism. In this talk by Geoffrey Cornelius, we explore the implications of this understanding of the astrologer's practice. Co founder of the Company of Astrologers and former president of the Astrological Lodge of London, Geoffrey Cornelius has a background in philosophy and currently teaches the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination at Canterbury Christ Church University in Kent. For an insight into Geoffrey's approach, visit CosmoCritic PAST TALKS 

MONDAY, APRIL 4th 7.30-10.00PM



CHANGES in the heavens, the most obvious being night and day, create our experience of ‘time’, and it is astrology that has supplied us with the most comprehensive delineation of these changes. In response to what she understood as physicists’ erroneous understanding of ‘time’ (physicists do not take consciousness into account), Chrissy set out to investigate this phenomenon and was excited when this enquiry illuminated the profundity of our relationship with our awesome cosmic environment. This unexpected conclusion illustrates why Astrology, whether natal or horary, works, and it illuminates our experience of individuality within the totality of our cosmic environment. She looks forward to discussing her ideas with other astrologers.

MONDAY, MARCH 7TH 7.30-10.00PM



PAMELA Armstrong looks at feminism, past, present and future. She will be using the astrological chart to see whether it is possible to identify this politically and culturally challenging social movement in the horoscopes of individuals or events. As always, Pamela will bring many example charts whilst also allowing time to discuss people's own charts and experiences. All persuasions welcome.

COST: £5 




Over the years, the Company of Astrologers has proposed an alternative way to interpret a natal horoscope. The terms 'taking' and 're-taking' the horoscope are used to describe the unique interpretation that arises when an astrologer brings together symbol and context. This approach sees the astrologer using the natal chart as a symbolic tool to access more timely and pertinent insights into the unfolding narrative of the native's life.   

Jodey  aims to explore this idea and demonstrate how the same chart can work dynamically at different points in time. 

COST: £5 




MINERVA, who has been a part of Bath life for centuries, is also an important asteroid in modern astrology. Daughter of Jupiter, goddess of wisdom and asteroid 93 in your horoscope, she can be a powerful tool in prediction and also chart interpretation. If you havent yet experimented with Minerva, come along and see where she fits into your chart, using Solar Fires new program.

Jessica Adams is a professional astrologer and author of Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins) and the astrologer for Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazines. Her website is




JOHN AND ANDREEA will perform a series of seven dialogues from their repertoire of astrological theatre pieces. Each short performance carries an evocative power to awaken the planetary archetypes and can open up a deep enquiry into how the planets operate astrologically in our lives. These rhyming dialogues, which are published each month in Glastonbury's 'Oracle' magazine, are frequently described as being Shakespearian in style. They draw on the planets' mythic and astrological symbolism and illustrate the dynamic tensions that exist between the archetypes. The dialogues offer a powerful medicine which can help elucidate how these relationships are experienced in people's lives.

John is a professional astrologer, teacher, writer and pioneer of astrological theatre. He runs the Kairos School of Astrology in Glastonbury and is the founder of The Alchemical Journey. Andreea is an empathic healer, writer and performer working with music, dance and drama to foster connection, dialogue and understanding. For the past twelve months they have been co-facilitationg meditation evenings, workshops and pligrimages in the landscape.

MONDAY, novemBER 2ND 7.30-10.00PM

ASTROLOGY AND FEMINISM [NB this talk has been postponed]


PAMELA Armstrong looks at feminism, past, present and future. She will be using the astrological chart to see whether it is possible to identify this politically and culturally challenging social movement in the horoscopes of individuals or events. As always, Pamela will bring many example charts whilst also allowing time to discuss people's own charts and experiences. All persuasions welcome.

MONDAY, octoBER 5TH 7.30-10.00PM

astrology, power and politics

WITH louise URCH

In times of peace – and especially in times of war – rulers and heads of State have employed astrologers to advise on matters of government. In this talk, astrologer Louise Urch will look at the key contributions astrologers have made in history as special advisors, kingmakers and power brokers.

Having successfully graduated from John Frawley's Horary Astrology Diploma Course as a Horary Craftsman, Louise's work is grounded firmly in Wester Astrology as practised by William Lilly and his contemporaries in seventeenth century England; astrological techniques from a working, living tradition which have stood the test of time. Louise currently specialises in Horary and Electional astrology and can be contacted via her website 




William Lilly is without question England's most important astrological scholar, and our principal source for the ancient tradition, and for horary practice in particular. Often overlooked is the fact that throughout his astrological career, he was a devout and committed Christian – serving for many years as a Church Warden at his local parish church. In this evening's talk, we will look at the detail of his introductory 'Epistle to the Student in Astrology' and consider from his own words how he was he able to reconcile these two apparently incompatible spiritual perspectives.  

Jodey and Jill are both founder members of Bath Astrologers' Forum, having both studied with The Company of Astrologers, whose astrological approach and teachings have their foundations in the astrology of William Lilly.




Alan Leo, founder of the Astrological Lodge 100 years ago this year, is often said to be the father of modern astrology. But can we also see in his astrology attempts to reconnect with much older strands of our tradition? With the help- of some maps for organisations and individuals involved, the hope is to shed some light on the spirit, form and intentions behind modern astrology.


MONDAY, JULY 6TH 7.30-10.00PM


Jiddu Krishnamurti is regarded as one of the greatest spiritual teachers of the twentieth century, if not all time. His teachings continue to inspire and challenge millions of people throughout the world.

Astrologer Kris Lee tells the fascinating story of Krishnamurti's development from a child thought to be so obdurately stupid at school that he was regularly beaten, to his grooming by the Theosophical Society as an incarnation of the 'World Teacher', through to a lifetime of world travel up to his death aged 90, lecturing and engaging in intense dialogues with everyday people as well as philosophers and scientists.

Krishnamurti did not expound any philosophy or religion, or seek followers, but rather talked of the things that concern all of us in our everyday life and the problems of living in modern society. Kris will present some of the principal threads of Krishnamurti's teachings and in the spirit of those teachings will invite discussion and questioning. The core teachings propose that freedom only comes from the abandonment of all systems and beliefs, complete awareness of the present, a sacred connection to the natural world and the unthinking exercise of compassion.

Kris Lee helps to run Cheltenham's Aquarius Severn Astrology Society, and has been studying Krishnamurti's work since 1988 after being shown his astrological chart. He regularly visits the Krishnamurti Study Centre, a wonderful retreat in rural Hampshire. 


Monday, May 4th 7.30-10.00pm

Waterloo – the astrological legacy

"My, my – at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender / Oh yeah – and I have met my destiny in quite a similar way"
On June 18th 1815, an unremarkable field near a small town in Belgium saw one of the bloodiest battles in human history – a ten-and-a-half hour battle which marked the end of over 20 years of conflict and ushered in a new age. As we approach the 200th anniversary of this iconic historic battle, we take a look at the astrology surrounding the event and the main players in this pivotal moment in history. (And there could possibly be a bit of Abba...)
With Jill Shearer

Monday, April 6th 7.30-10.00pm

Bristol Forum (& book sale)

This year's Easter Monday get-together will be held at Riverstation, The Grove, Bristol. There will not be a formal talk, however we are hoping to look at some topical charts together, and there will be a selection of second-hand astrology books on sale. All astrologers welcome.

Riverstation, The Grove, Bristol BS1 4RB (Pay & display car park adjacent). 



 Monday, March 2nd 7.30-10.00pm

BATH Inside the Cosmic Mind:
Archetypal Astrology and the New Cosmology
With Phoebe Wiess

The archetypal approach to astrology, as pioneered by Richard Tarnas and aligned with 21st century cosmology, is both the newest and the oldest form of astrology. Deriving from a lost pre-historic civilization, its astral mathematics inspired the sacred geometry of the Neolithic monuments, while its wisdom was preserved for millennia in Egyptian temple libraries. A new, alternative paradigm is now gaining ground, supported by post-modern scientific thinking, in which astrology could have pride of place again. It can even explain how astrology works!  


Wednesday, February 4th 7.30-10.00pm

At the Aquarian Threshold: Astrology, Temple and Temenos 
With Andrew Brown

There is a great revival of interest in our ancient discipline. Classic texts from antiquity, the Middle Ages and the humanist revival have been scrutinised and retranslated to discover the intentions of masters such as Ptolemy, the Arabic and Persian astrologers and William Lilly. Yet there is still much about the history of astrology that is lost in the distant past. What we can now see, aided by recent archaeological discoveries and excavation, is a long evolution of astral symbolism in common with the rituals of temple foundation and construction. Even the most ancient stone temple in Eurasia, dating from over eleven thousand years ago, shows clear evidence of significant astral alignment and at least a prefiguration of zodiac symbols carved on its stone pillars.  
In this presentation, we will examine a number of charts erected for important temples across a wide time span to provide material for further discussion of temple astrology and provide a context for some recent architectural mysteries, on which astrology might be able to shed some light. If we are at the Aquarian threshold, as many believe, what is temple architecture with its astrological orientation showing us about our rapidly changing world?
Please bring your astrologers' thinking caps as I have a number of unsolved problems to share with the Forum! 


Monday, January 5th 7.30-10.00pm

Decumbiture: An Introduction 
With Medical Herbalist Marcos Patchett

Traditional medical astrology enables the astrologer to predict and/or retrospectively analyse medical problems and treatment, so that with careful consideration, it is possible to identify the source, course and nature of any problems and potentials, whether they lie with the medical practitioner, the treatment or with the patient himself. Medical herbalist Marcos Patchett illustrates some time-honoured iatromathematical (medical astrology) techniques with consultation charts and case histories from his own client file.

Marcos is a practising medical herbalist and medical astrologer. He has clinical practices at Neal's Yard Remedies' Therapy Rooms in Covent Garden and Notting Hill, London, and currently a clinic supervisor for Middlesex University's herbal medicine BSc & MSc courses. He is particularly interested in real-world practical application of astrology, specialising in medical and horary astrology, which he uses primarily as an adjunct in the treatment of private herbal medicine clients. Marcos achieved a scholarship to study herbal medicine at Middlesex University in 2001, was awarded the Herb Society's national 'Best Third Year Student prize in 2004, graduated from Middlesex in 2005 with First-Class Honours and received the Elsevier publisher's prize for herbal pharmacy. Marcos also gained the London School of Astrology's Certificate in 2006, since when he has developed his knowledge of traditional astrology, autodidactically through reading, home study and experience in practice. Marcos is currently writing his first book on the medical history and usage of chocolate.

Monday, December 1st 7.30-10.00pm

Join us for a selection of seasonal, contemporary and topical charts for discussion followed by our end-of-year get-together in Bristol. If you have a particular chart you would like to share with other astrologers, please send data in advance via the Contact Us page.

Monday, November 3rd 7.30-10.00pm

Horary: A Path to Good Fortune* 
With Jodey Collorick

More than any other form of astrology, Horary awakens us to the sense of negotiation that is at play in astrology. It offers us not only 'yes or no' answers, but also asks that we participate in our destiny leading to a path of good fortune. 

Monday, October 6th 7.30-10.00pm

Many apologies for the last-minute cancellation of this talk, which was due to circumstances entirely beyond our control. The venue was unexpectedly unavailable, so reluctantly we had to adjourn to another venue nearby. We waited 15 minutes for late arrivals, but apologise for any inconvenience to anyone arriving after 7.45 looking forward to this meeting which has now been postponed to November 3rd.

Monday, September 1st 7.30-10.00pm

The Writer's Mercury 
With Jill Shearer

"We are lonesome animals. We spend our life trying to be less lonesome. One of our ancient methods is to tell a story begging the listener to say – and to feel – 'Yes, that is the way it is, or at least that is the way I feel it.' You are not as alone as you thought."  John Steinbeck

Mercury is the planet of writing and communication. The sign – and to some extent, the house – in which this planet is placed dictates the manner in which our thoughts are synthesised and how we relate to the world. In this evening's forum, we plan to look at the charts of 12 different writers, and reflect on how Mercury functions through each of the different signs. 

Monday, August 4th 7.30-10.00pm

National Charts
With Jodey Collorick, Richard Garside and Jill Shearer

The idea of a national birth chart – a horoscopic map that serves as the basis for predicting and determining political and mundane events – is a curious notion; the essentially political idea of the nation state, which can change radically over time is surely a very different concept from the birth of a human being. There is often disagreement about the 'real' birth time of a nation, with claims being made for a number of different times and dates, and how can a single chart reflect the diversity of a collection of so many different people? This evening, we plan to look at the symbolism of a selection of national charts and discuss whether they still have anything meaningful to say in an increasingly globalised world. 


Monday, June 30th 7.30-10.00pm

Malefics and Benefics 
With Jodey Collorick

During the last century, we have seen an unrivalled move towards an astrology focussed on personality, and a consequence of this has been a shifting in some areas of astrological symbolism to fit the humanistic view that every experience in life is in some way good for us. Concepts such as 'malefic' and 'benefic' are often thought of by modern practitioners as being outdated and overly simplistic, but when we shift our attention away from personality and on to actual things and people in the world, we find this categorising serving its true purpose, showing us things that are good for the soul and things that are bad. In this evening's talk, Jodey Collorick will look at some horoscope examples showing key moves towards good things and away from bad things.

Please note that we normally meet on the first Monday of the month, however this meeting has been brought forward to the earlier date of MONDAY, JUNE 30TH.

Monday, June 2nd 7.30-10.00pm

Retrograde Planets 
With Jill Shearer

There is comparatively little written about the astrological phenomenon of retrograde motion – periods when the planets appear to move backwards in the sky. Many astrologers appear to ignore the subject altogether, and yet before our modern understanding of the heliocentric nature of the universe, this apparent departure from the normal scheme of things must have struck observers as extraordinary. Generally assumed by those astrologers who address the subject at all as a 'weakening,' negative of introspective influence, the phenomenon of retrograde motion has enjoyed a less-than-positive reputation over the years, but is such a reputation deserved? This talk attempts to re-examine the paradox of retrograde planetary motion


Monday, May 5th 7.30-10.00pm

Simplifying Chart Interpretation using Almutens 
With Nicola Smuts Allsop

This evening's talk by Nicola Smuts Allsop, a practising expert in the area of fertility astrology will focus on how the traditional technique of using Almutens can help to take your chart interpretation to another level. Nicola will be concentrating mainly on her expertise in fertility astrology, however examples of other types of Almuten will also be discussed. There will time during the second part of the evening to discuss three chart examples, so please send any chart data to Jodey Collorick in advance of the meeting. Please note that if you would like to discuss any third-party charts that are not your own, then you should be clear that you have the permission to do so, and that you are quite knowledgable about the biography of the chart you wish to share.

For more information about Nicola's work, visit 

Monday, April 7th 7.30-10.00pm

Astrologers In Conversation

This month's forum will take the form of a discussion between two astrologers: Jodey Collorick and Ben Dykes, about the comparisons between traditional and modern approaches to astrology and the tensions that exist between the two. During the second half we will look at a selection of topical charts. All those with an interest in astrology are welcome to join us. 

Monday, March 3rd 7.15-9.30pm

The Teenage Years
With Alex Trenoweth

Adolescence is typically seen as an awkward time between childhood and adulthood; a transition between more stable life stages. We like to think that once we are fully deeloped physically, we are also fully formed mentally, psychologically and spirituall, and often choose to forget this troublesome stage. Looking at the cycles of Jupiter and Saturn and drawing on her extensive experience as an astrologer and secondary school teacher, Alex Trenoweth looks at the astrological influences typically at work during this period of life. 

Alex Trenoweth as an astrologer, writer, musician and secondary-school teacher. Originally from Michigan, she now lives and works in London. She became interested in the cycles of Jupiter and Saturn as part of her studies for her MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Bath Spa University and has recently published a book: Growing Pains, which explores the astrological forces at work in the the teenage years. 


Monday, February 3rd 7.30-10.00pm

Astrogem Geomancy

Geomancy - the art of divination based on signs and symbols from the Earth - is one of the oldest methods of divination known to man. In this talk, Les will set out to explain exactly what geomancy is and how it has evolved through history into its present form, from ancient Chaldea through the Renaissance and secret societies, to the present day. We will look at the links between geomancy and astrology, the correspondences between the stones and the planets and learn some of the techniques of the unique system Les has evolved over the years.

Les Cross has been studying astrology since the 1970s, and has also been interested in Tarot, dowsing and palmistry from an early age. He has recently published a book on the divinitory system he has devised: Astrogem Geomantic Divination.


Monday, January 6th 7.30-10.00pm


In this evening's session, we plan to revisit the two major astrological forecasting techniques of transits and secondary progressions, and reflect on how these tools can most usefully be applied to lend added insights to the interpretation of our own natal charts. We will also be looking ahead at the astrology of the coming year and perhaps speculating on how we can best harness and work with the planetary energies of the months ahead.


Monday, December 16th 7.30-10.00pm

Winter Solstice

Join us at the Penthouse to celebrate this year's Winter Solstice with a drink and some festive nibbles plus a little lighthearted seasonal astrology.

For more details, and to discuss topics of an astrological nature with other local astrologers, please see our interactive forum site or contact  

Sunday, November 17th 2.30-5.00pm

Astrologers' tea party

Because of unavoidable personal commitments (not to mention four retrograde planets), this month's forum meeting will be held on the afternoon of Sunday, November the 17th. There may not be a huge amount of astrology, but there will be cake... Anyone with a topical chart they would like to discuss, please contact Jill

October 7th 7.30-10.00pm

Disposition & Reception

How do planets work together in a chart? As well as sign, house and aspect, what other patterns and connections are operating and what can we add to the information from transits, progressions and eclipses when we include reception and disposition in our judgment? In this evening's talk, Richard looks at some simple techniques which can help to offer quick access to key areas of activity in a horoscope. 

Richard Garside is a Bristol-based practitioner with a longstanding interest both in traditional and psychological astrology as well as in a broad range of holistic, esoteric and alternative disciplines. With a strong interest in symbolism and the interconnectedness of different complementary approaches, over the years he has synthesised a holistic approach to symbolic meaning and divination. 

September 2nd 7.30-10.00pm

The Astrology of Business

How far do holistic philosophies, psychology, ritual, astrology – and even magic – encroach on the world of business? Can esoteric knowledge really help to create more successful, more balanced business ideas and actions in a scientific age? Fusing elements of the material and the metaphysical with an introduction to the ideas of Business Shamanism, Amanda explores the relationship between these unlikely bedfellows. 

Amanda Jarrold has been practising astrology for over a decade. She is a certificate holder and former diploma student with the Faculty of Astrology and works in financial services by day. She is also the current secretary of the Astrological Association. As a Business Studies undergraduate, she is particularly interested in the practical application of astrology in the sphere of business.


August 5th 7.30-10.00pm

Context: The Key to the Horoscope


When we interpret horoscopes for other people, it can seem as though the symbols are providing an almost overwhelming amount of information. Whilst this can often be interesting – and occasionally even enlightening – much of it can seem to bear little relation to what is going on with the client's current life situation. Using real-life examples from his own practice, Jodey will demonstrate how approaching the chart with a clear context in mind can magically bring a chart to life, reflecting current concerns and suggesting useful ways in which to move forward. Astrologers are invited to bring along charts of their own to share, particularly if they have something that relates to the evening's theme.

A founder member of Bath Astrologers' Forum, Jodey has been practising astrology since the early 1990s. He studied with The Company of Astrologers in London and has a particular interest in horary astrology and divination. 

July 1st 7.30-10.00pm

Pluto & The UK Sun


As Pluto, planet of death, power and transformation, transits both the UK 1066 and 1801 Sun this month, we consider the various themes arising around historic transits as well as the current one. During the second half, we will look at this transit in terms of the waxing Square of the Uranus-Pluto cycle, which began to take shape during the mid-1960s. There will be plenty of opportunity for the exchange of ideas and discussion as to just what this potent symbolism could mean for our country, so please feel free to bring your own ideas to the discussion. Please visit the Blog page for a brief report on this event.


Catriona Mundle is a Bristol-based astrologer with over thirty years of experience. She specialises in natal interpretation, counselling, relationships, horary and astro-weather forecasting. She holds a postgraduate diploma in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University; in the 1970s she was active in the Astrological Lodge, in the 80s she co-founded Regulus Publishing, in the noughties she trained as a Buqi therapist and she also has an active interest in Buddhist practice.