US/North Korea Standoff

Posted by Jill Shearer on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 Under: Mundane Astrology
With North Korea in the news at the moment, following another missile test, we are all wondering where this escalating international situation will go next. Nicholas Campion's chart for the PRK gives an ascendant of 27 Sco and chart ruler Mars closely conjunct the South Node in the 12th.

There is a lot of current planetary activity with this chart – Saturn has just stationed within a degree of the natal 1st House Jupiter, and last week's eclipse – whose totality swept adversary US' territory – within just 16 minutes of arc of the PRK 12th House Saturn. It is impossible to predict how this volatile state of affairs will play out in the world, but the astrology suggests this is a critical moment in world affairs, with both North Korea and the US – and by extension Mr Trump, whose chart also picks up these critical degrees – as major players.

There is some speculation as to whether this is an accurate foundation chart as Campion suggests there is no mention of the country's founding – following three years of Soviet occupation – in Western media channels, however the chart appears to be reflective of what we understand (necessarily through the filter of contemporary Western accounts).


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