February's Eclipses

Posted by Jill Shearer on Sunday, February 12, 2017 Under: General astrology
This year's eclipses may be few in number – each year always has two eclipse seasons, each with a minimum of one Solar and one Lunar eclipse – but with a significant amount of outer-planet involvement, both seasons promise to pack a punch. Leo – the Sun's own sign – is implicated twice this year, and with forbidding Saturn and unpredictable Uranus both in fire signs for much of the year (Saturn creeps into Capricorn just a few days before Christmas) the inflammatory potential of both seasons is huge.

The first season kicked off yesterday (February 11th) with a powerful Lunar eclipse in Leo, making a closely aligned Grand Trine with both Saturn and Uranus. Jupiter stationed on Spica at 23 Libra just a few days before – opposing Uranus and forming a highly unusual Kite aspect pattern, along with a Trine to the Sun. The eclipsed Full Moon reached perfection just after midnight over Bath, itself a Leo city. It will be interesting to see whether there are any local manifestations of this dark Leonine energy. Grand Trines usually herald positive energies, however the eclipse adds a splash of darkness to the mix and Lunar eclipses can often be more tricksy than Solar ones.

The last few years have been dominated by the ongoing Uranus/Pluto Square, symbolising the conflict between the power of old-guard plutocracies and angry revolutionary forces we have seen flaring up at different points across the globe. This is now separating – although still within orb until the middle of the year – and replaced by a Jupiter Uranus opposition in Libra/Aries. There's a lot of cardinality about – an assertive, forward-moving energy. Great Jupiter in equality-loving Libra squares up to the rash impulsiveness of an Arian Uranus – and one cannot but help think of Trump's current clash with the American judiciary over his contraversial travel ban.

This month's Solar eclipse on the 26th has an altogether different flavour. The Sun and Moon are tangled up with nebulous Neptune, while Uranus and Mars are in a tight conjunction on the Midheaven (in Bath as well as in London) opposite Jupiter. Pluto is involved making a separating T-Square, however it is Mars' involvement in an already heightened aspect pattern that makes this configuration particularly inflammatory.  Note that 21 degrees of a Cardinal sign is implicated again - this will be a recurring theme this year, so anyone with a planet or angle around this degree should be alert to what this might embody. 

The August Solar eclipse looks particularly potent - this will be the first Solar eclipse visible over a large swathe of North America for some time, and falling, as it does, on a certain Mr Trump's Ascendant, although I'm not one for making predictions, I wouldn't be surprised if we are all in for some interesting times!

But that's a whole other post. To be continued...

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