Eclipses – Tales of the Unexpected

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Once again we are in the eclipse season, and this season feels particularly potent, falling as it does like a pair of brackets either side of the autumnal equinox, itself a pivotal point in the celestial year. Like the notorious Siths of the Star Wars series, eclipses come in ominous pairs... And like Siths, they are notoriously difficult to predict. 
Eclipses are really supercharged lunations; lunations with knobs on, if you like. They frequently carry a heightened sense of symbolism; a subversion of the existing order. An eclipse can only occur when the Sun and Moon conjunct or oppose one another within a few degrees of the nodal axis, and it is this nodal connection, I feel, that lends a sense of fatedness to an eclipse. In his excellent book on eclipses, the astrologer Derek Appleby suggests that eclipses often work in a layered way with transits and progressions, bringing a planet or aspect pattern in a chart to a crisis point, symbolically forcing the issues represented to a crisis point. He suggests that "Transits sensitise, progressions activate and eclipses ignite." 
An additional factor in this season's mix is the rare opposition between planetary giants Jupiter and Neptune – an event which occurs on average every 13 years. This opposition was exact on September 17th. Additionally, Jupiter is in Virgo, its sign of Fall – and disposited by a powerfully dignified Neptune in mysterious, nebulous Pisces, sign of spirituality, idealism, deception and scandal.

Two recent events capture the sense of this season's eclipses:  
Jeremy Corbyn's landslide victory in the Labour Party leadership election was announced within hours of the Solar eclipse at 20° Virgo on 13/9. This victory has very much the flavour of an eclipse event, with a maverick backbencher being catapulted to the head of the party on a wave of unanticipated populist support. The eclipse point is within a couple of degrees of opposition to the Labour Party's Mercury, and – perhaps more interestingly – the Jupiter/Neptune opposition at 8° Virgo/Pisces picks up the Labour Party Sun, with echoes of idealism and big ideas. There is a sense of a sign of the times to this, but with a fallen Jupiter in Virgo, one has to wonder just how practical these big ideas will turn out to be.

The second event, which is picked up by this weekend's more ominous Lunar eclipse at 4° Aries is the Volkswagen scandal. The highly respected car manufacturer has admitted to effectively fixing emissions test results, with the result that the chief executive Martin Winterkorn had to resign and millions – perhaps billions – have been wiped off the the value of of the revered German company.
The scandal first emerged on Friday, 18th September, with Mercury stationary at 16 Libra and Jupiter and Neptune in exact opposition at 8° Virgo/Pisces. The whiff of Neptune is all over this story – gas emissions, scandal, deception – whilst Jupiter in Virgo evokes the company's reputation with its meticulous work ethic and the utilitarian dreams which underlie the manufacturer's origins – a modest 'car of the people' which should be affordable for all. (Interestingly, Volkswagen was the idealistic brainchild of the Third Reich, whose natal nodal axis is within minutes of the current Jupiter Neptune opposition, with Neptune at 9° Virgo).
It is generally agreed that Volkswagen is probably not the only car manufacturer to be up to this shenanigans, but with all such scandals, there is often sacrificial scapegoat. I can't help feeling that the name of the sacrificed chief executive – Winterkorn – has Virgoan echoes of the celestial maiden with her ear of corn, caught up in opposition to Neptune with its accompanying theme of sacrifice. The figure of the Virgin is sometimes linked to the the mythical figure Erigone, who committed suicide on finding her father Icarius had died.


 Pluto is currently hovering over Volkswagen's natal Moon – which is also dispositor natally of Pluto in Cancer, the sign often linked symbolically to the Scarab beetle, and of course the name 'Beetle' is synonymous with the German company's most famous car. This weekend's lunar eclipse falls at 4° Aries - a close conjunction with the natal Saturn of the car manufacturer's chart.
Although there is no definitive time for the formation of the company, the 12 Noon chart does seem to have resonance, with the ASC/DSC axis picking up on the Jupiter Neptune lineup, which does seem to echo the themes of current events so well. If this is the case, the eclipse then falls close to the cusp of the 8th. And with Saturn approaching the IC degree by transit, this looks like it could be a very dark hour for the company.  

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