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Posted by Jill Shearer on Sunday, March 6, 2016 Under: Political astrology
By Jodey Collorick

Trump is known for his unashamedly pumped up ego, an unwavering sense of self belief combined with a go- getting 'anything's possible'  attitude to life.  Leo rises with Mars on the Ascendant, disposed by the Sun in Gemini: this is a man who knows how to sell himself and thrives in an environment of competition and self interest.  In the run-up to his candidancy, Trump himself sums up nicely an expression of Mars rising in Leo: "I am the most successful person to ever run for presidency by far."  
Trump is all fire and air with no planets in earth: a lot of hot air with no substance behind it. The Sun is with Uranus and the north node in Gemini – he creates an air of excitement and edge around himself, promising to save the day by overthrowing the current status quo. The most remarkable feature of his chart is the applying full Moon within hours of a powerful Lunar eclipse, which I believe could be his Trump card in the race to become president.

So far, in the run-up to the 8th November elections, Trump has been at the heart of things, drawing attention to himself by making outspoken comments and daring to say the things that people are apparently really thinking.  He is big on illegal immigration, and says he will build a wall right across the American border with Mexico, but his biggest grab for attention came recently when he declared that if he is elected president, then he would block all Muslims coming into the United States. We see this in the applying eclipse of the Moon in Sagittarius in the 4th: a clear signature for obstructing the free movement of foreign people. Trump himself is signified by the Sun – the body doing the eclipsing – and the closest aspect of the Sun often reveals what's at the top of the agenda.
In this case, it is the minor inconjunct aspect to Saturn in Cancer, bringing the worst of Cancerian fears out: a threat to the homeland. Lilly reminds us that the inconjunct aspect shows fear but not promise. Trump is playing on the narative that America is under threat from terrorism and foreign immigration and he (heroic Mars in Leo on the Ascendant) is the superhero to save the day.

Trump's progressions for 2016 pick up this theme, too, also reflecting all the attention he's has been getting: progressed Sun has come to his natal Ascendant at 29 Leo – a good year to sell yourself – whilst natal Mars is being picked up by a sextile from progressed Ascendant highlighting Sun/Mars/Ascendant theme of the American hero. There are many contacts between Trump and the USA map, but highlighting Trump's eclipse is the USA Mars at 21 Gemini 22.  This 7th house Mars has signification by house rulership of conflict with open enemies – the danger is if Trump is elected, his moves to curb immigration play straight into the hands of the enemy. With Mars rising, maybe his true wish is to be a war leader? All it would take is for there to be a major terrorist attack between now and November, and one could see how people would turn to Trump in their droves.

After the elections in 2017 a darker force is on the horizon for Trump: he has the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius moving back and forth through his eclipse point and stationing at 21Sag11 within 1 min of arc of his natal Moon. At this time, too, is a total Solar eclipse on his ascendant at 29 Leo.  What can this mean?  Its either major defeat for him, or a defeat for the free movement of people across the US border.

On July 4th, Bath Astrologers' Forum will be looking at the US chart and pondering the destiny of America.

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