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 27/5/1922 –7/6/2015

Christopher Lee, who died last week was an incredibly prolific actor, with 244 film and TV credits to his name and a career that spanned seven decades. He often said he wanted to “go with his boots on,” and having completed his last film just last year, he was looking forward to more filming later this year at the age of 93. He is of course best known for his Hammer Horror portrayals of Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy – but perhaps surprisingly, there is no Scorpio in his chart. A youthful Gemini – he had the energy and enthusiasm of someone more than 20 years his junior, he also had a secret heavy-metal career, making records well into his 90s – his last EP “Metal Knight” released the day before his 92nd birthday. Perhaps it should not be surprising that someone with an exalted Saturn rising – coincidentally in his Triplicity and Ptolomeic Terms, as well as exalted – should embody the heaviest metal of all, lead.

That angular Libran Saturn suggests the dark, brooding presence he embodied so well, always heavily laced with Libran charm and charisma. Venus, the chart ruler, on the MC suggests this public persona would be highly influential. Jupiter also in the 1st may account for his height - he was 6ft 5in – Libra gives elegance rather than heaviness.

His birth time is given as 2.45, which gives an Ascendant of 0°Lib18 – just two minutes earlier would give a late degree of Virgo, adding extra prominence to an already-strong Mercury in Gemini, bringing it closer to the MC and enhancing its status still further as the chart ruler. However, I still think the Libra rising sign works. He was an incredibly good-looking man, and the angular Venus/Pluto conjunction close to the MC is a perfect signature for the erotically charged bloodsucking vampire. 

His film career took off in 1947, as Saturn transited Neptune in Leo, picking up the sextile with the Moon and Jupiter. His progressed Venus (and Chart Ruler) moves into Leo at this point, bringing it into the limelight. 

His first role with Hammer Horror did not come until 10 years later in 1957 with The Curse of Frankenstein, precipitating a 20-year career as the archetypal menacing monster – transiting Jupiter crossed natal Saturn and his Libran Ascendant that year. Significantly, his progressed Mercury also stations direct this year – often a signifier of a significant life event that goes on to define the native. 

His most critically acclaimed role – as well as a personal favourite – was The Wicker Man 1973, which soon acquiredcult status and was awarded the Saturn Award for the the best horror film in 1979. The Wicker Man was made on a very low budget and Lee gave his work for free, as he thought the film was such a worthwhile project. The subject matter of the film – a pagan ritual harvest sacrifice – is perfectly reflected by transiting Pluto stationing direct within a degree of Lee’s angular Saturn. Coincidentally, there is a total eclipse of the sun within the same month (June) within 12 minutes of arc of Lee’s natal Pluto.

Today’s Mercury station – not quite a week after Lee’s death – falls within a degree of his Gemini Sun.

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