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With news that China's economy is in trouble, the currency devalued and the possibility of a rise in interest rates with the accompanying worry of the effects of this not only on the Chinese population but also in the global economy, it may be worth looking at what is going on astrologically. A nation's economy is represented by the 2nd House and its ruler – in this instance Saturn in prudent and risk-averse Virgo in the 9th. The planets in the 2nd are also of interest in questions of economics – Jupiter in its Fall in Capricorn, although not quite in aspect with Saturn, also echo this cautious theme, whilst the Moon in detached, humanitarian Aquarius suggests perhaps a certain utilitarianism, which certainly reflects the themes of the Maoist years. 

Since early July, there has been quite a lot of 8th House activity. Transiting Mars crossed the 8th cusp at the beginning of the month, and is currently approaching conjunction with Mars in Leo – a three-year Mars Return. Interestingly, commentators have made frequent mention of a fall in iron values as an underlying factor for the reccession; Transiting Venus (ruler of the MC and universal symbol of value) has been retrograde since July 25th across China's 8th House, and will come to its station at 14 Leo in early September, on China's Mars. 
Venus, natural ruler of 'things of value' stands square to the 8th House Mars and Pluto, recently picking up the ongoing Jupiter/Saturn square between Leo and Scorpio and tuning into the tense mood of the global economy.  

According to Charles Carter, the 8th is related in particular to 'economic relations with foreign countries' – other people's money – and the modern associations of the 8th with debt, also point to the fact that China's – and to a large extent, the global – economy, is now based on a model of consumption and debt. The Moon, ruler of the 8th, is also placed natally in the 2nd, tying up further the natural ruler of the House of the economy with the House of debt. With Pluto alongside Mars in the 8th, things don't look good.

Saturn, natal ruler of China's 2nd House, was the old god of agriculture; despite China's recent industrial growth, agriculture still represents a significant part of the economy – 9.2% as opposed to the UK's 0.6% and 1.2% in the US – however recent years have seen the Chinese economy embracing Western values of capitalist consumerism with a heavy reliance on debt, which seems at odds with the country's traditional values. It will be interesting to note what happens over the coming weeks. Venus stations on China's natal Mars on September 5th whilst Jupiter transit across the country's natal Saturn (and 2nd House ruler) on September 7th. This looks to be an interesting turning point for the Asian tiger.

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