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China's economy appears to be in serious meltdown. Robert Peston pointed out that China's vast credit-fuelled economy was destined to implode almost two years ago, and this week the circuit breakers installed late last year to trigger a shutdown on the Chinese stock exchange if it starts to fall too quickly have been activated twice, prompting panic across global markets.

Interestingly, both Mercury and Jupiter station retrograde this week; Mercury at 1 degree of Aquarius - less than 30s of arc from China's 2nd House Moon. The Moon rules China's 8th House of Debt and Other People's Money - so an obvious correlation is at play here.

The other planet turning retrograde tomorrow (January 8) is Jupiter, at 23.14 Virgo. Jupiter will trundle slowly back through the next four months, coming to rest before heading direct again at 13Virgo15 in mid-May – sitting squarely on China's 9th House Saturn, which coincidentally rules the 2nd.

Saturn is also approaching the Chinese Ascendant degree by transit – reaching its retrograde station point at 16 Sag 24 towards the end of March – just 10 minutes of arc from the the Ascendant degree itself. Sounds like a major period of restriction and reajustment. 


This is a neat, three-way dance involving Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury – all planets involved in the economic cycle – and the 2nd/8th financial axis, coupled with the lunar principles of sustenance, the populus and primal need. It is difficult to foresee a dramatic recovery any time soon, particularly with a major Saturn transit and Jupiter in its detrimental sign of penny-pinching Virgo. 

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