Charles Kennedy

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Charles Kennedy

Charles Kennedy was a rare kind of politician – a man of conviction and principle, a politician prepared to stand up for what he believed in, famously opposing the Iraq war in 2003, an almost lone voice cautioning against the Liberal Democrats going into coalition with the Tories in 2010, yet he never stooped to backbiting or sniping at his opponents. His warm Sagittarian generosity – even to those he disagreed with – reflect a Sagittarian Sun in wide conjunction with dignified Jupiter in the 3rd, whilst chart ruler Venus dignified in the 1st, with helpful sextiles to Jupiter and Uranus in the political 11th suggest a strong commitment to social justice.  A consummate communicator, it is perhaps surprising to see Mercury retrograde, detrimented and combust. By his own admission, he was not a 'details' man, but always looked to the bigger picture rather than the daily tangles of political manoeuvering so commonplace in Westminster. Red hair suggests a Martian influence; a dignified Mars in Scorpio is conjunct the Ascendant of the Lib Dem's own horoscope.

He was elected – much to his own surprise, as well as that of his party – in June 1983, two days before a Solar eclipse at 19 Gem, and was elected leader on 9th August 1999, two days before a Solar eclipse at 18 Leo – not really close enough or personal enough to suggest correspondence with his 11th House Uranus, but the link is striking. He tragically lost his seat in May this year amid the apparently unstoppable surge of Scottish nationalism that swept away so many big names in British politics; the recent Lunar eclipse at 14 Libra picks up his 1st House Venus and chart ruler.        

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