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Bath Astrologers' Forum is a society of West Country astrologers whose aim is to exchange ideas and raise the debate about the philosophical foundations of astrology through the study of astrological charts both past and current. We hold talks and seminars regularly on the first Monday of every month at Waterfront House in Bath (visit our Directions page to find us). Anyone with an interest in astrology is welcome to join us.



The History & Philosophy of Western Horoscopic Astrology:

With Jodey Collorick

IN THIS, the first in a series of talks which aim
to explore the history & philosophy of Western horoscopic astrology – from its Babylonian beginnings through to modern psychological astrology – Founder member of Bath Astrologers' Forum, Jodey Collorick will consider the nature of the embodied soul as it
was conceived within the early foundations of horoscopic astrology.

In the second half of the evening, we normally look at the astrology of topical and contemporary events – doubtless the events and personalities involved in the upcoming US presidential election will be high on the list of topics... 

If you have a chart you would like to share with other astrologers, please contact Jodey or send a request through the contact form on this website. 

COST: £7

EVENTS in the astrology communitY

the oxford astrology group

Finding Our Way Home – The Progressed Moon Workshop with Darby Costello

November 12, 2016 – 10am–5pm

COST: £45 

THE PROGRESSED Moon reveals access to one of the most powerful dimensions of our human existence, and yet it has often been considered as simply one of several factors in predicting and timing events. For those who live interior as well as exterior lives, the progressed Moon is a guide illuminating places of self-reflection and inner nourishment. To find these places, we often have to go through emotions that take us back to our early home lives. During this day, the nature of the progressed Moon, its cycle, placement and relationship to transiting Saturn will be discussed.

Darby Costello is renowned as a gifted speaker and teacher. She is a pillar of London's Centre for Psychological Astrology and she lectures throughout Europe and occasionally other parts of the world – Bali, Alaska... Darby's first love in astrology is doing charts and her worldwide clientele is the ground out of which her astrological inspiration is nourished.

To book: Please complete the linked booking form

OXFORD: One-day Astrology seminars at Trinity College

Visit: The Oxford Astrologer for more details. 



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