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Bath Astrologers' Forum is a society of West Country astrologers whose aim is to exchange ideas and raise the debate about the philosophical foundations of astrology through the study of astrological charts both past and current. We hold talks and seminars regularly on the first Monday of every month at Waterfront House in Bath (visit our Directions page to find us). Anyone with an interest in astrology is most welcome to join us. 

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With Jodey Collorick & Jill Shearer

More details t/c shortly.

If you have a horary chart you would like to show, please contact Jill or Jodey.Any queries or suggestions for forthcoming talks, please visit the Contact Us page and complete the form.

Looking forward to seeing you all in September,

Jodey and Jill

COST: £7

EVENTS in the astrology communitY

the company of astrologers, LONDON


Horary Certificate Course


Over two weekends: 23rd–25th Sept & 7th–9th Oct 2016

£565 in advance for complete module of two weekends (£620 full-fee for booking after 9th Jan 2016) 

This two-weekend intensive programme offers a basic grounding in practical horary method. Full course materials are provided, plus online resources. The two weekends cover the equivalent of 10 lessons by correspondence of the Katarche Certificate Course, but without marking. Students receive a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion and may apply then or later to complete two further extended lessons, including revision, individual supervision and marking, towards the full Horary Certificate. This is undertaken by correspondence and online. The fee for this additional coursework is £385. Successful completion of the Horary Certificate enables the student to apply to proceed to the further stage of the Katarche Diploma course.
The Horary Certificate Course and the Intensive Module are appropriate for students who have already completed introductory studies in astrology, and have a basic grasp of natal horoscopy. The programme is not suitable for beginners to astrology. Please note that we are not enrolling new students for the Horary Certificate Programme before the Spring Equinox 2016. Places are limited, and the Intensive Module is planned for a small group only.
About katarche: The Company of Astrologers has a special interest in this approach, and has pioneered its development in the modern transmission of our ancient tradition. The term katarche ('ka-tar-key') was used in early Greek astrology to describe horary and related practices. It may be translated as 'initiative'. It implies the seeking of astrological omens of good or ill fortune for the human desire or enterprise being put to the test of divination. During the weekends you will be introduced to the principles of the katarche and learn the horary method used to analyse how our desires are revealed in the horary chart.
All our katarche tutors are experienced astrologers with many years of commitment to this branch of the Art. The tutors running the two-weekend intensive are Geoffrey Cornelius and Maggie Hyde, two of the founding members of the Company of Astrologers.
Intensive Module venue and times: 

The two Friday evening sessions 11th March and 8th April are at the 
Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square WC1 (Gradidge Room first floor) 7:00 - 9:30pm.
Saturdays and Sundays 
12th-13th March and 9th-10th April are at The Bedford Hotel, Southampton Row WC1 (Watson Room, ground floor) 10:00am - 5:00pm (break for lunch 1:00-2:00pm). Please note that meals are not provided as part of the course fee. If you require accommodation we can recommend the Bedford Hotel, but you are advised to book in advance.

To book: Please complete the linked booking form

OXFORD: One-day Astrology seminars at Trinity College

Visit: The Oxford Astrologer for more details.