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Bath Astrologers' Forum is a society of West Country astrologers whose aim is to exchange ideas and raise the debate about the philosophical foundations of astrology through the study of astrological charts both past and current. We hold talks and seminars regularly on the first Monday of every month at Waterfront House in Bath (visit our Directions page to find us). Anyone with an interest in astrology is welcome to join us.


MONDAY, APRIL 3RD 2017 7.30-10.00PM



THE SEVEN pillars over which Wisdom presides can be interpreted astrologically as the seven traditional planetary spheres of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury. In Horary Astrology, where the astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing a chart for the time the question is received and understood, knowledge of the traditional planetary rulerships and correspondences are key to identifying the correct significators in the question.
Looking at a selection of horary charts from William Lilly's time until the present day, we will discover how the natural correspondences and rulerships of the seven traditional planets can add poetry and perspective to an astrological judgement, and sometimes even provide the answer to the question all by themselves!

LOUISE HUTSON, a graduate of John Frawley's Horary Apprenticeship, is  a student of his Traditional Natal Astrology Course and is studying astrological magic with Christopher Warnock.  She teaches astrology from a traditional perspective and has a website specialising in horary and electional astrology.  When not stargazing, Louise can be found watching and promoting stage magic, playing the bass guitar and collecting mysterious books.  Her website is at www.luckypenguinfortune.com

If you have a chart you would like to share with other astrologers, please send a request through the contact form on this website. 

COST: £7

EVENTS in the astrology communitY

the oxford astrology group


March 11, 2017 – 10am–5pm

COST: £45 

The astrological Sun symbolises the centre of our being, our life force and our core identity. But when astrologers are discussing, analysing and interpreting charts, it is often the 'elephant in the room'. We will approach this great star with caution, because if we look at it directly it can blind us.
The astrological Sun has a complet hierarchy of meanings and we will use solar myths to explore light and shadow, day and night, spirit and soul as we journey towards the conscious realisation of our true personal authority and integrity.

CLARE MARTIN is one of the foremost astrological teachers of our age. She is the author of the most authoritative overview of psychological astrology now in print - the three-volume Mapping the Psyche.

OXFORD: One-day Astrology seminars at Trinity College

Visit: The Oxford Astrologer for more details. 



Buy our specially designed 2017 calendar – showing New and Full Moons, major aspects, planetary ingresses, retrograde periods – at the special members' price of £8* (plus 3.85 p&p) – copies will be available at our December meeting, or send a request via the Contact page.

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